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Four Qualities of Conscious Relationships

1. Growth is the main priority

We are here in this human life to grow. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Without growth and evolution, we are not fulfilling our soul’s purpose in this life. In traditional relationships, the main priority for both is the satisfaction of their own needs. In conscious relationship, the main priority is to create a safe space for the other to grow and evolve and this is done with unconditional love, compassion and understanding.


2. Each person owns their baggage

In a traditional relationships, we are quick to blame others for our negative emotions. In a conscious relationship, both people know that we all have wounds from the past, and they understand that these wounds will inevitably be triggered, especially in a relationship. Both know these are not caused by the other but by the fears and limiting beliefs we have inherited from our parental and social conditioning. They are willing to look at their past and face with courage it so they can overcome it, heal it and transform. They are willing to share honestly with the other how they feel without blaming and they are received with open arms and an open heart.


3. All feelings are welcomed

In a conscious relationship, there is room to feel anything and there is room to express how we feel to the other without being judged. We feel safe to be who we really are without any masks and to always express how we feel. We understand each person will be triggered once in while and we also understand this is necessary for healing and growth. Both choose to be radically honest and to reveal parts of themselves that are hard to share. This allows us to be known, seen and truly understood.


4. The relationship is a practice ground for unconditional love

In traditional relationships, we have all experienced conditional love or what I can ordinary love. A love that is dependent on the other person being a certain way or doing certain things. In conscious relationships, we can experience unconditional love through compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. Both people do not expect the other to be perfect and they do not project their own unhealed wounds or needs of perfection on the other.

Conscious relationships allows us to create a safe space to grow and evolve and to be better in all our relationships, even the traditional ones.